Friday, July 13, 2007

The World's Tallest Man

This planet's tallest man is only seven foot-nine?

That doesn't seem that great.

Man, I dunno, just seems kinda like we're getting ripped-off or something, y'know?

Well, okay, the way he used his ultra-long arms to save a couple dolphins by pulling plastic out of their stomach is definitely worth some points for creativity, I'll give it to you there.

But still, I know this one chick's husband that's gotta be pretty close to that size.

Well, yah, that is only the planet's tallest guy that will step forward and be measured by all the Little People, y'know, without killing and eating a few of 'em.

I mean, there's prolly a ton of giants out there that are way bigger than him that are just way too dangerous for a Measuring Crew or whatever to approach.

And y'know how the media is always trying to keep us from going into a panic by covering up the Truth about Giant Attacks, I mean, that's prolly why we're stuck with this Casper the friendly dolphin-saver Giant junk.


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