Saturday, July 21, 2007

Watch Your Language

There are so many messed up things in our language.

Like taking a piss, for example.

Or the way we say that this and that sucks or this and that blows to mean something or somebody ain't enjoyable.

That's related to the way that we say somebody is screwed or fucked as if that was the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

Damn those twisted-ass pleasure-hating Puritans ahaha.

Or mebbe its the result of those folks that try to be cool by saying the opposite of what they mean, y'know, like bad means cool and all that Bizarro World shit, but that stupid crap don't usually survive the first couple of redneck "stupid means cool" barfights it starts.

Yah, yer hella-stupid now, holmes ahaha.

Yah, and people are still saying shit like "don't have a pot to piss in," 'cause I guess they think it makes them sound like a tough old guy or something.

Dude, when was the last time anybody actually used a pot for pissing?

Its like an insult a noble would use on a peasant, and peasants just pissed behind the Pissing Tree anyways so it wasn't even a good insult back then.

Yah, the peasant would just be giggling and shit, fuck those crazy-ass nobles and all their complicated pissing accessories, can't ya just piss like a regular person?

If I had a pot it'd be the last thing I'd let some fucked up noble piss in.

You'd have to be pretty rich and decadent to go around pissing in perfectly good pots, just to ruin 'em.

So who is the tough guy, really, y'know?

The guy with the crazy pisspot requirements?

You prolly need me to cut those nasty crusts off yer bread, too, huh ahaha.

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