Monday, July 23, 2007


You know what I would do if I had to work on something that was supposed to compete with WoW but I didn't have as much money to play with as WoW did?

I'd take one of the character classes from WoW and do it better than WoW did it.

Yah, I'd make a game all about being a Rogue, where everything was Rogue Oriented, and I'd make Rogue-oriented Content, and Content for Groups of Rogues, where a team of thieves could rob a mansion or kidnap a princess or work petty scams together in the streets or bust their buddy out of prison.

Instead of "generic" mole-mashing content that's designed for Nobody In Particular.

There's all sorts of diversity within the Rogue Experience, I mean, there's Assassins and Acrobats and Pirates and Con Artists and Smugglers, Muggers and Pickpockets and Charlatans and Cat Burglars and Tomb Robbers.

And there's all the group stuff like operating your own Thieve's Guild and Mafia where you gotta bribe the right officials and gather information and lie in court to protect your buddies and fly under the radar in the right places and stuff.

It would be the Ultimate Rogue Experience.

Sure, you go play a generic Rogue in WoW, but if you really wanna have fun being a Rogue, you know you should be playing Rogue Online.

And its just as easy to do the same specialization thing with Wizards, with Wizard Oriented Content, and Content for Groups of Wizards, working together, I mean, you got all the different kinds of Wizards, like Summoners and Illusionists and Necromancers, you got Wizard Colleges and the Master-Apprentice system, and missions to aquire Artifacts and the Knowledge of the Ancient Rites and stuff.

And its easy to think up the same sorta crap with Priests, and Warriors, and Hunters, and all the other junk.

I'm really surprised nobody seems to be doing something like this already, to strip WoW down, one layer at a time, and lure it into a hallway where you can fight it on your own terms, insteada facing the combined weight of its army all at once on an open battlefield.

Not that I'm real keen on more Elf Sword and Orc Type Games or whatever, but we ain't even really started to do those good, yet.

You see the same stuff happening in the business world, where huge umbrella corporations form from aquisitions and then don't have the capacity to pay proper attention to all of the organs within their gigantic organization, and then departments within the Super Humongous Corporation break away and form their own specialized companies that begin to compete with whatever the original corporation replaces them with, and all the departments that offer the same services in other organizations (that's where your "economies of scale" and Corporate Super Bullshit start to come into play and blah blah blah).

Well, whatever, that's not really why I'm surprised nobody has done something like this yet.

I'm surprised because you'd think there would be a guy that wanted to be the Savior of Wizardry in Online Games, somebody who didn't give a crap about Priests and Rogues, somebody who wanted to do Wizardry perfect for all the Wizard Lovers out there, somebody who wanted to be the Go To Guy for all things Wizardlike.

And you'd think there'd be a guy that wanted to do the same thing for Rogues.

Although I can see how there might not be one of those guys for Priests at first, 'cause that's kinda like one of those Pineapple Passion Taco Twist Slurpy flavors, really, going around healing the sick and converting heretics and teaching the kids of nobles to read and hunting witches and stuff heh.

Unless you could be a Priest of the Love God or something bow-chicka-bow-wow awesome like that ahaha.

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