Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Set Up and the Spike

So eventually this horrible-ass player music crap they got in LotRO is gonna turn into something where me and my buddies can go to a concert and hear a virtual Beethoven symphony, right?

Or go see a virtual reproduction of the Ramones, complete with vocals broadcast over voice-com and everything?

Yah, like in some cyber-punk game or whatever.

Hey, as long as its confined to certain areas, and I ain't forced to listen to some ape bang away all herky-jerky on a medieval banjo while I try to use the bank or whatever, its fine.

Actually I think it could be a lot better than fine, when it helps us find the next Mozart or John Williams that woulda otherwise never been noticed due to lack of funds to pay for the orchestra in the real world.

And I'm sure it could be used as a platform for the next MTV and American Idol and all that Pepsi Selling garbage, too.

Yah, like, the kid hands out sheet music to all the npcs, and they play it or whatever.

Yah, and then afterwards zombies attack the place or something, and the whole place catches on fire, and there's a big fight to escape the theatre without getting trampled, and people are swinging from chandeliers, y'know, 'cause it can't just be all about that, this is just one of those things like people being able to design their own clothes and shit, I mean, you still need boobs and gore and monster trucks and explosions and all that to pay us off for sitting there and twiddling our thumbs and acting civilized for a while, even if you are giving us credibility and making us look sophisticated and shit like we care about art and all that rubbish ahaha.

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