Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I don't think this "ghost" detector is working, man.

Naw, yah, I mean, I checked the batteries, they're fine, I think.

Yah, it says its "scanning," but it ain't detecting anything, even when that whatever-it-was ripped all the skin off Steve's arm.

Well, yah, mebbe it wasn't a ghost or something, but it sure looked like a ghost.

I didn't get any "readings" when we found Jake's head and spinal column, either.

And that black whistling thing that dragged Marsha's body upstairs, that had to be a ghost, man, but this stupid ghost detector didn't even blink.

Stupid thing is a waste of batteries.

Oh man, wait, its starting to do something now.

Yah, shit, its going crazy now, man.


Guess it just need to get smacked around a little to start working.

Stupid piece of crap.

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