Saturday, July 28, 2007


Next time you're talking with somebody that starts to bore the shit out of you, start making crazy faces to hold up your end of the conversation.

No noises, just crazy over-the-top cartoon facial expression that don't make hardly any sense as a response to whatever they're saying.

And don't make faces at them, either, y'know, yer going for ridiculous, not scary.

Its gotta be totally over-the-top, though, or you'll look like a mime, and then it won't be funny, it'll just be kinda creepy, and they might punch you.

No, the whole idea of the thing is that you make the other person laugh before you start laughing.

Yah, ya gotta do stuff like the "Fish Out of Water" face and "the Big Fake O" face and the "Hit With a Taser" face.

Oh forget it, yer just gonna get yerself killed.

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