Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Resting

Y'know what I think is a bad idea for MMOs?

This "Rested" exp thing.

Y'know, like they got in WoW and LotRO, where yer dude gets double experience points fer killin' junk if you don't play him so much.

'Cause what it does is make me not wanna play my guys when they ain't got that Rested Bonus, y'know?

And so what I do is leave my dudes unplayed for days and days at a time while they build up that Rested Bonus.

And then I find that I don't really wanna start playing 'em again when they do get all rested up.

Y'know, 'cause during the time I wasn't playing 'em, it gave me time to think about shit (which is bad fer you), and then I found other stuff to do to occupy my time, and now I'm all about doing that.

Plus, when I think about going back and playing my Fully Rested Guy, I know he's just gonna get tired again and then I'll have to put him on the shelf and let him cook for a while and do something else all over again, might as well just find something I can do that ain't all broken up like that and stick with it.

Well, I'm just saying, I know that the purpose of the thing is to give folks who don't play much a leg up, but I gotta wonder if that's worth whats going down on the flipside, y'know?

Oh sure, you can say I should try to just think of it as a Bonus and all that, but I'm a crusty old guy who likes to fight, and not some kinda amorphous shape changer that adapts myself to whatever shit they shovel at me heh.

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