Sunday, July 1, 2007

Magic Carpet Ride

There's good beer commercial music.

Y'know, like Magic Carpet Ride or something.

And then there's bad beer commerical music.

Y'know, like hum-drum, mundane, no-name gravelly-voice Taco-Hell-Run-For-the-Border OHYAHHHH beer commercial music.

Yah, its kinda like a cheap version of Footloose where you can tell that all the actors and actresses don't really like to dance that much.

Yah, there's nothing worse than watching a bunch of people forcing themselves to pretend to have fun.

Especially if they're doing it for money.

Seeing something like that can almost make you believe that there's no such thing as fun.

But there is such a thing as fun, man.

Magic Carpet Ride Beer Commerical Type Fun, even.

Chicks in bikinis with bottles of ice-cold beer in their hands, every drop of sweat glistening like liquid gold in the sunshine on some impossibly blue-sky beach somewhere with one of those cheesy pineapple palm trees in the background, the smell of cocoa butter in the air.

Sure sure, it happens.

And you don't need to pretend when it does.

It just don't happen like that all the time.

And you can't force it.

Oh, you don't really need the chick in the bikini and the beer and little dewdrops of moisture and supernaturally blue water and sky and sunshine and all that.

Fun comes in all sorts of different flavors.

Yah, there's at least three different flavors, if you think sleeping and taking a shit is fun or something.

Okay, I'm just kidding, mebbe there's a lot more than three kinds of fun, even.

But the chick in the teenie bikini with the beer and the little golden droplets of sweat and stuff, now that is some good stuff, that's fer sure.

And I guess watching some loser-ass actors from the 80s force themselves to pretend dancing saved their whole damn town is kinda fun, too.

Sorta like watching an unintentionally bad rubber monster movie is fun, y'know?

One where all the actors hoped they were gonna get famous and they thought that this horrible-ass rubber monster movie they were in might be their Big Break, their Ticket to Stardom, and so everybody tried real hard and everything but its still came out the other end as a turd?

Mebbe just because the movie had bad sound or something even.

Could even be something that small that'd ruin it.

Yah, see, now that shit can be seriously fun to watch.

Yah, that's kinda what I think the gods are doing to us right now.

Heck, that's what I'd be doing to us if I was a god heh.

I'd probably sprinkle in a few more bikini chicks with beers, though, just so that folks would say I was a kind and benevolent god sometimes, at least, ahaha.

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