Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Freemasons

I'm tempted to join the Freemasons now that I've watched that thing about 'em on Jeff's web thingie.

They're awesome.

They got awesome magical powers and demons and aliens and egyptian mummies and tons of money.

And pretty much every geometric shape with less than seven sides, and anything made out of Triangles (heh), and the Star, and the Letter V, and anything that looks sorta like the Letter A, and the Number 6, and anything with Bird Wings, is one of their magical symbols.

And Ben Franklin was one of 'em, and he was pretty cool, even if all the other ones don't really do anything for me, 'cause they ain't funny like Ben was.

But Ben's membership sorta proves that at least some Freemasons know how to have a good time every once in a while.

So uh, whats the problem with them again?

If Allister Crowley has something to do with 'em, then they definitely know how to throw a party and treat a woman.

And they even got Harley Davidson motorcycles, man.

So I just don't see whats missing.

Are we supposed to wanna fight 'em just 'cause they're so awesome or something?

Why don't we just join 'em?

Or is the guy saying that we're supposed to be like Amish People, all good and wholesome and shit?

'Cause I'll tell ya right now, that Amish stuff looks pretty frickin' boring to me, even though their breakfasts prolly kick some serious ass.

Them Amish don't got any magical powers or demons or aliens or pyramids or money or anything, man.

And their woman got hairy legs, too.

I'm not into that Planet of the Apes stuff, baby.

Well, okay, but not all the time.

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