Saturday, July 14, 2007

Be a Man

When you call a guy a bitch, to insult them or to get them to fight back or whatever, y'know, yer using "bitch" in a derogatory way.

And I bet that really pisses off all the bitches.

But its kinda weird that the bitches don't ever say anything about it, y'know?

'Cause that's what being a bitch is s'posed to be all about, right?

Maybe the bitches are afraid to get in a battle of words with a guy like that, 'cause they might have to call him a bitch to insult him, it's like a no-win situation ahaha.

Yah, that just seems kinda messed up.

And its especially weird that a lot of gay dudes who hate "gay" being used in a derogatory way use "bitch" in a derogatory way all the time heh.

Meanwhile we're always sorta implying that Being a Man is the way to go, y'know, 'cause we say stuff like "Be a Man" when me mean "Act More Heroic."

And when we say "hey man" its kinda like a tiny compliment or something, I guess.

Yah, even though we actually love the bitches ahaha.

Well, that's easier to explain, 'cause I call everybody "man," its just short for Hu-man, y'know.

And I call all the bitches and gay guys "Chief" and stuff, too, just 'cause I don't think they tend to get enough of that kinda praise AHAHA.

Oh, I'm just kidding, y'know, sorta.

The difference between the connotations of sisterhood and brotherhood sure is pretty big, though (even though sisterhood isn't in the negative, yet, it don't exactly come off as something super strong either, y'know).

And we say stuff like "women like language stuff" and "women are the communicators" and "women love scrabble" and junk like that.

Which makes sense, I guess, y'know, 'cause they might be attracted to that stuff because they're trying to figure out a way to fix all this shit Us Men fucked up on them so bad heh.

Maybe us men really are better at creating it, which is why we don't have much of an appreciation for it, 'could be just like romance, y'know, pffft ahaha.

Oh, quitcher crying, be a man AHAHA.

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Sundry Chicken said...

The Germans have a phrase for this

"To show you where the hammer hangs"

Course MC Hammer doesn't get a party buff from colliding with a cool phrase like that and magically become a real man. Nope. He and Paul Reubens still can't decide to drive a convertible caddy across the country together. No sir.