Monday, July 16, 2007


Its kinda weird that there's never any stories on the TV and stuff where a psychic or something turns out to be wrong.

I mean, if there is a prophecy, then you always know the prophecy is gonna come true, somehow, mebbe not exactly how you thought it would, in the beginning, but you know its always s'posed to make ya slap yer head by the end of the movie or whatever.

Prophecies are just so predictable.

What we need now is a show were there's a psychic that really sucks at it, a guy who is always wrong about everything, even when he tries to use all those "be vague as hell" fortune cookie tricks, just to put some of the magic back in there.

Oh, its not as easy as you think, I think it'd be hard as hell to do, actually.

Yah, you'd be soooooo tempted by that awesome twist ending, y'know, where you'd have everything he ever said turn out to be right eventually in ways that nobody including the psychic himself would ever think of.

'Cause that would be so frickin' juicy and hilarious and stuff, man.

Yep, its like an unavoidable fate that you just gotta write about unavoidable fate.

Plus, there's that whole thing where everybody is all chicken and stuff to Tempt Fate, y'know, everybody always kisses her ass.

Uh, not that I don't totally enjoy kissing Fate's beautiful ass, y'know, I mean, uh, I'm just talking about, uh, other people, y'know, who don't get the way you got it all set up perfect, baby.

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