Monday, July 30, 2007

Shark Attack Week!

I never realized that there was actually a limit to my appetite for watching people be attacked and torn apart by sharks.

Until now.


Only six more days of Shark Attacks to sit through!


Well, I'm sorry, but I'm having a pretty hard time thinking up a good Shark Attack Joke to lighten the mood.

There's gotta be something less depressing we could watch.

I dunno, anything, one of those chick movies about a kid with some kinda weird disease or watching what happens when people lock their pets in a car with the windows rolled up would seem like a blast of fresh air at this point.

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W.Churchill said...

I turned in on when they were showing a seal that had been attacked and the guys in the boat saved it, well, kinda, but that was enough for me.

Started watching that Bodog fight bullshit on the Oxygen channel (dont even get me started with that shit, I mean Oxygen, ffs it sounds almost as bad as Lifetime, you know the rape and breast cancer channel, only this one is for people who are "high on life")

Its kinda good, the bodog thing. I like mixed martial art fighting, but the guys who fight are pretty much all complete asstards. But its better then watch shark attacks, maybe?

Hey they should have these bodog asshats fight sharks, now that would be fun to watch