Thursday, July 12, 2007

She Blinded Me With Science

Don't forget, even if you are making some stupid ass space game that nobody is gonna play 'cause Girls Hate Robots and Everybody Else Likes To Roleplay That They're A Beautiful Elf Who Is Sensitive To The Plight of Women, you can still have tons of boobs and gore.

Just look at Aliens Vs Predator, with the way you could blow the legs off the aliens and they'd still come crawling at ya, just like they did in the movies, and their acid blood would get on you and you'd start sizzling and screaming, goddam that was some awesome shit we had like twenty years ago, man.

And being the Hot Chick in a Science Fiction Movie is like a mathematical proof that yer a hot chick, if yer an actress, everybody knows that.

Just look at what's-her-name, from Forbidden Planet, I mean, holy crap, everything about that that chick was hot.

And the other one, from Planet of the Apes, that couldn't talk, omg omg!

Seven-of-nine, the bald vulcan chick, the short-haired vulcan chick, that empathic chick from Next Generation (see, Star Trek knew what the hell they were doing heh), Sigourney Weaver in her underpants, the chick from Terminator, I mean, c'mon, its pretty hard to throw a dart over yer shoulder and not hit a hot chick in science fiction.

Now that's the kinda nuclear arms race I'm totally down with, man, let's figure out s'more awesome shit like that stuff ahaha.

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