Friday, July 27, 2007


I don't want to make any kind of games.

'Cause they seem like a lot of blood and sweat and sitting-up-straight for a very strange little reward from a very strange little group of people in the end.

And MMOs are the worst waste of artistic energy on this planet, they dump all this effort into making content, and then they put a ton of it behind barriers that a lot of us will never bother to get past.

It just seems like an insanely backwards and inefficient packaging system fer art.

As if the hardware requirements weren't enough, let's add layer upon layer of all sorts of other requirements like timesinks and grouping and reading through shady looking unofficial databases for spoilers and downloading player-made UI upgrades and being able to put up with chatrooms filled with life-hating attention whores and bugs to increase the inaccessibility of any sort of actual entertainment that may be found in our product.

I just don't get it, y'know?

I mean, I feel sorry for the kid that spent all that time making all the cool animated monster models and scenery and whoever wrote the jokes and all the other cool little shit that I never get to see in these games.

There's just so much of it that goes to waste, y'know?

And then to make matters worse, the only people who'll ever know who you are and what you did in a game are the ones that are working with you.

I don't know the name of even one guy that worked on WoW, let alone who was really responsible for the all the clever shit and cool stuff I liked in that game.

Let alone any other games.

So that just adds to the general suckiness of the whole thing as a medium.

And then there's the whole thing where you gotta share everything with the suits and the technical shit like the servers and all that.

Fuck that.

Especially in this day and age where we could just get a couple cameras and drive around in an RV capturing shit that's even better than photo-realistic 3d models without having to put any effort into it and turning it into shitty little "independent" films that'd be worth a lot more money with zero accessibility issues that'd have a far greater effect on the universe in way less time than it takes to make a game.

And because it takes a lot less time to do it, you can learn from your experiments and mistakes faster and your junk will evolve a lot quicker.

Plus, its takes a lot less effort to do all the lies for that shit.

And I can sleep late and there isn't some nasty buzz-killing sobriety requirement.

And we'll get a helluvalot more respect and "critical acclaim" and all that sorta shit for it, too.

Dude, I dunno, but I don't wanna be stuck in some Old Folks Home for Aging Gamers with you guys smelling like pee and lysol and going all insane-o on me, turning purple-in-the-face and slamming your hairy little fists on yer wheelchairs and yelling about RMT and the "damn suits" and how the playerbase turned poisonous on ya and how you were Popular in Korea and how some young whippersnapper in baggy pants stole yer idea for a Virtual World and got all the credit for it and shit.

And we're getting pretty close to that now.

Well, I'm just saying, s'all.

Fuck the Internet, man.

I say we detach a few of these super cerebral brainiacs from the Matrix, pile 'em into a Magic Bus, and go terrorize a small town in the country or something.

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