Friday, July 13, 2007

The Blue Eyed Browncoat

Race and Sex is purely physical shit.

Culture and philosophy and value assignment and sensibilities and style and knowledge of secret rituals and cerebral stuff like that ain't actually tied to Race and Sex.

You could wrap that stuff in any kinda physical package, y'know, there's women that think like men tend to think, and men that think like women tend to think, and anywhich one of 'em could've been raised by wolves, in India or Indiana, and what I'm talking about ain't got nothing to do with sexual orientation, either.

And dudes that grew up together on the same street in Suburbia, no matter which mountains their genetics crawled over a million years ago, are probably gonna give you the same answers about shit, mostly, 'cept in the cases where they've adopted their family's culture and traditions, insteada the culture of their peers, or in cases where their physical appearance has been a fucking hassle for 'em, in one way or another (and Race and Sex is only a couple of the things in that pile).

And all that search for a sense of indentity and belonging and trying to "fit in" and stuff is done fer sorta questionable reasons in the first place, y'know?

Well, it certainly don't come from a position of strength and confidence in yourself heh.

Yah, that race and sex junk reminds me of medieval medicine, its even worse than Sherlock Holmes thinking that the size of a guy's hat can tell you how smart he is.

I mean, if you hire some nerd chick that thinks exactly like all the other nerd guys on the team, the only thing you've definitely succeeded in doing there is adding some Visual Diversity (and mebbe not even not much of that, in the case of a nerd chick ahaha).

The benefit of diversity is that, when you bounce your ideas off somebody, and run yer ideas through a gauntlet, everybody doesn't just think the same thing about it that you do, but that y'all lead each other down other trains of thought that may or may not lead to improvements in the original idea that you never woulda thought of on yer own.

Cooking is the easiest example of seeing the benefit of diversity in action, and its a pretty good metaphor for other applications of it, y'know, 'cause spices come from exotic places, and recipes and processes and all sorts of wisdom about it were secretly refined by ancestors and passed down from one generation to the next, and all that stuff can be applied to new dishes.

And you can also have too many chefs and all that, its not just automatically a positive thing, there's folks that know how to work together with other folks well and folks that don't.

Oh, and being able to work well in a group has to do with your mastery of a bunch of skills, and not your culture, it has to do with your awareness and appreciation and understanding of others, y'know, like whether yer a total paranoid jerk or not.

Yah, the only diversity there is that some folks are jerks and some folks ain't heh.

And you know there's at least one jerk in every town on this stupid ass planet, so even us jerks don't have to feel alone ahaha.

I'm not really preaching or anything, and this ain't just some thing where I yell about how generalizing people into groups is pretty much always bad, and I ain't all gettin' violent and angry and stupid about it or anything, I just wanna try to explain why I usually go nuclear when folks use Race and Sex as a generalization for a bunch of other shit that don't usually even got anything to do with purely cosmetic crap like how curly yer hair is and what color your eyes are and whether you got a dick or not.

Its especially bad that we got people on TV and legal documents and business stuff, y'know, junk that's supposed to be official, with fucked up shit like that innit, 'cause it lends it credibility.

And I don't think I'd like the opposite of diversity, either, where we're all supposed to be the same like some kinda Leave It Beaver World in a Twilight Zone Episode, that junk gives me the freakin' creeps, man.

And I wanna keep all fifty seven different flavors of beautiful women, thanks.

Well, okay, there is some merit to having folks around that look different, even on a purely cerebral level, 'cause folks that look different get all sorts of different reactions from people who are stupid in all sorts of different ways, and so everybody ends up with different catalogues of that kinda stupid junk, but I dunno how useful any of that data is, really, aside from the occasional application in comedy about how stupid people are every once in a while.

Yah, y'know, you can focus on all the negative shit that ya hate, and spend all your creative energy being sarcastic about it, but yer actually giving it power by providing it with attention and a feedback system, when ya coulda been focusing more on the shit that ya like that was going unsupported and undefended and leaving that other shit to fall by the wayside.

Yah, like they do on Star Trek, y'know, frickin' Utopians.

Bah, I don't know why I even bother, this is just another one those things that I'm sure all the other Blue Eyed People are already well aware of, but both of my parents had Brown Eyes, so, y'know, even though Blue Eyed People are supposed to hate weakness and stuff, I guess I feel like I have to try to do what I can to help the less fortunate folks keep up sometimes.

Yep, its just another sign that my mongrel blood is taking its toll on me, I'm turning into some kinda Brown Eye Sympathizer, but what can I do.

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