Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Doctor Johnny Headshot

If your game has a radio station, I think that's a probably a bad sign.

And its not just because I hate all those little wannabe DJ Elfrock kids they got in WoW.

Let's be honest, we all wanted to be cool DJ guys at some point before we hit puberty and realized what the old guys meant when they said "you got a face made for radio."

It just sucks having to play games with kids going through that difficult period of adjustment, y'know, 'cause it reminds of us how awkward we were at that tender age.

We really lucked out when you think about it, y'know, that there wasn't an internet we could use to broadcast all our most embarassing kid stuff across the whole planet so it could be recorded and played back to us twenty years later.

Just another reason to be glad you lived in the Stone Age, I guess.

"Oh look honey, here you are doing the Roger Rabbit! Oh look! You're doing the Fashion Shovel! Look how serious you were! You thought you were such a little toughguy! What music is that? Vanilla Ice?"


W.Churchill said...

lol EVE Online has a fan based radio station ( Use to listen more awhile back, alot of the techno and death metal with other styles of music mixed in depending on the DJ.

What makes its different is their contests, like a DJ would give hints to what system he was hiding in and the first player to blowup his ship and kill him would win a prize.

For being fan based it really is run very well, gives players a chance to listen to something different and entertaining. Cant think of any other games that have a fan based radio station, plus, sense EVE Online is all futuristic and stuff the music played at least fits the game.

So yeah a radio station for WOW would play what, all harpsichords and violins, maybe throw in a banjo for some comic relief. Cant really think of any type of music that would fit WOW, some Led Zeppelin III would work.

Meh, EVE may still have one of the smallest subscription numbers to other mmorpg's but the most people who play it are really really dedicated, thats why I sound like such a fanboy all the time cause I keep relating to it and shit. :) Hell they even have a magazine, high quality too only without those perfume adds stinkin it up.

*wtf closed the html tag but it kept turing the whole post into one giant goddamn link :)

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Hey I hope you ain't expecting me to suddenly get some weird nesting impulse urge to be all Web Mastery and shit and fix anything around here ahaha.

Yah I knew about EVE Radio, I actually listened to them interview some guild and it was pretty damn entertaining 'cause the people were fun, but y'know, as soon as they started playing music I turned that shit off and never looked back.

"Do you have the time, to listen to me whine..."


I got an eight hundred pound backlog of DVDs full of the latest archaelogy and mythology lectures I'm supposed to be listening to that I keep blowing off, so there ain't no time for love and getting down with the sickness and all that.

You playing EVE now?

W.Churchill said...

yeah, have been solid for the past year and a half now, along with Mad_Jack and our limey friends.

yeah the radio interviews can be funny as hell, oh forgot to mention they have Eve TV now, live streaming video. Mostly active during PvP tournaments, live game play of the fight(s) with developer commentary on the action. Good times

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

So your learning skills should be just about finished training now, good times!

Hey, you guys know any admins that can give me some stuff?