Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stupid Dwarfs

Is midget really a derogatory name for a dwarf?


When the hell did everybody vote on that one?

Do only midgets get to vote?

Man, I can understand being a little self-conscious and shit, everybody is, but these guys must vote like every five years and pick something new just so they can get away from any negativity the old word may have picked up somehow or something.

Hmm, mebbe its just some crackhead hollywood lawyer thingie.

Well shit man I think calling somebody a dwarf sounds kinda worse than calling them a midget.

I dunno, it just seems worse to me.

I dunno, it just does.

Yah, I don't think I could call somebody a dwarf unless I kinda hated them.

Hey dwarf! How's it going, dwarf?

Yah, see, yer almost forced to make an evil pirate face when you say that shit.

Whats next years thing?


Can you go back to being a midget if you change yer mind about wanting to be a dwarf, or do you gotta pick something new?

Yah I hope there's go-backs, man.

Well its not like they're a different species or they all come from the same island or anything, they're just anybody that's not as tall as me, man.

Man, I dunno if I can get used to it, it just seems really weird to me.

Well I always felt like I had to use a descriptive phrase like "dirty little midget" if I wanted to be derogatory, seems like all this "midget = bad" thing does is save the bad guys some time heh.

There's no clubs where Giants vote on what they wanna be called, is there?

Yah I guess Giants don't really need to vote on crap like that 'cause everybody is afraid to say anything but "yes sir!" to a big disgusting ogre.

Man, what are medium-sized people called, then?

Do we get to vote on a special name, or are we just "humans?"

Yah see that is so fucked up man ahaha.

We should at least divide up the "normals" into "fats and skinnies" or something, I mean, if we're gonna be all tight-assed and prissy about the vertical, might as well do the horizontal, too, y'know?

Oh, but the wussy-ass "normals" wouldn't like that, eh?

Yah sure, boo hoo hoo, that'd hurt their boring-ass hum-drum average feelings haha.

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Anonymous said...

Well if you KNEW what it was like to be a dwarf than you would know why we, little people/dwarfs, don't like to be called midget. It is the correct term to use and when you say midget it refers back to the 1800's when we were treated like freaks and circus acts. Maybe if you just asked a little person, or researched the term online then you would understand. But instead your ignorance got the "best" of you and you decided to bitch about the word changing. Are you going to now start complaining about how black people should still be called the n-word just because you don't feel like using the space in your brain to learn the non-derogatory word for another person? Go bitch to someone who gives a flying fuck about that.