Friday, February 23, 2007

Play Fae Yay

I played Everquest 2 for the first time when that Fae Expansion came out.

I tried not to Play the Fae, but the Old World of Everquest 2 was all flat and sucky compared to the Super Jumping stuff in the new expansion, y'know, gimme a city that doesn't take thirty minutes of loading screens to cross, and doesn't have a million miles of bland terrain around it like the Commonlands and whatever the hell the good guys had.

Oh boy! Spiders to fight!

The Old World of Everquest 2 just seemed so 70s or something.

Plus some of the quests were broke and you knew they'd never be fixed 'cause you were playing in the Red Headed Stepchild part of the game.

I never really got anywhere in the game, but holy shit I was super rich in no time from crafting and selling crap on the auction house, all that kinda stuff in the game was really pretty clever and cool, the crafting mini-game and the way they did those sales containers as furniture and everything.

I just couldn't get into their PvE, I dunno why, it didn't exactly suck but it certainly didn't turn me on, it wasn't anywhere near as fun as the PvE crap in WoW, that's for sure.

So I'd get up to about level 20 and then I'd get bored and make a new guy, until I tried it all and it all started seeming exactly the same to me and then I just quit.

Oh, I did do that quest series to betray a paladin to Freeport and make him a shadowknight, and that was pretty cool, but as soon as I got to Freeport I realized how much I really hated Freeport and the Commonlands and I just quit playing that guy ahaha.

I guess there just didn't seem to be a point to keep playing it, I was already rich and had the best houses and equipment and all that shit, I could make better stuff than I could use, and I could buy stuff that would make 60th level dudes cream their shorts, but even so, what the hell is the point of having all that if their ain't nothing interesting to do with it, y'know?

Not to knock anybody that's still playing it or anything, I think Everquest 2 is about twice as good as Vanguard was, Vanguard is like Everquest 1.5, I dunno what the hell happened there, I mean, you remember when that Fire of Heaven guy was talking about getting a sneak peak at it a million years ago, and he was all wetting himself over it and hinting at all this cool crap?

What the hell happened to that game?

Did somebody's hard drive crap out or something?

Well by the time I got in beta it looked like they musta started all over again or something about five minutes before I showed up ahaha.

Okay, whatever, man.

Oh, and I meant to make this a positive thing, 'cause I feel kinda bad about the way I picked on that Evil Dave guy a long time ago and told him I would never play a game he made 'cause he was such a game dev newb and it would be totally beneath me, y'know, but when I got right down to it, seems like I couldn't think of anything good to say about the Old World in EQ2, so that kinda sucks.

'Cause even that crafting system was revamped and kinda new.

And those SOGA models that help you not look like a total fruitcake, those are new too, right?


Yah see, I totally fucked that up ahaha.

Well, sorry Evil Dave, uh, Everquest 2 was uh, very interesting, and oh, it was probably better when it first came out and stuff, right, yah, see, I'm remembering all those kids who accidentally got it for christmas thought it was pretty good, but y'know, I was like, uh, playing WoW, and they had all these different places you started in, see, and er...nevermind.

Well, WoW sure didn't have any good furniture in it, that's for sure, they can't hold a candle to you there, at least!

And oh, I can even imagine somebody doing something fun with it in an emulator, uh, mebbe, so at least you got that going for you!

Oh quit yer frickin' crying already, at least I didn't say anything about how laggy it was.

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