Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Apparently Sunsword is starting up his own game company, so if yer into that sorta stuff, you oughta go over there and wish him good luck and bug him and stuff.

Me and Sunsword go way back, I've known him ever since he was a just a simple circus strongman travelling through France and rescuing orphans from mad scientists.

He was always a kind and gentle soul to us, full of wisdom, offering guidance and sharing his bread, even when I got into trouble with the Nudists because I couldn't understand how being a Nudist could be considered a Lifestyle.

There just doesn't seem to be enough to Nudism for it to be a Lifestyle, y'know?

I mean, okay, you take off yer pants, and walk around in front of other naked people with yer hands on yer hips and yer chin up like Yul Brynner, and it doesn't bother you, but then what?

Is that it?

Shouldn't there be more to it?

I dunno, it just seems like it'd be kinda easy to get bored, walking around naked and not being bothered by nudity, y'know?

I mean, at least if you were bothered by nudity, it'd keep you from getting bored, y'know?

Even then, its still not really enough to be a Lifestyle, is it?

Doesn't a Lifestyle need some kinda philosophy or at least an existential mystery or a theme song or something?

I dunno, "taking off yer pants" seems too simple to be a Lifestyle, especially since everybody else gets naked at one point or another, multiple times a day, sometimes, and most of us even kinda like it.

It might make a half-decent Theme Park, but I just can't see it as a Lifestyle.

Yah, if you like nudity too much, don't they kick you out of the Nudist Club?

See man, that seems totally messed up, can't be bothered by it, can't like it too much.

Well why even bother to be a Nudist if you don't care about nudity?

You'd think it'd be the people who like it that went around naked all the time.

I just don't get it.

Uh, not that Sunsword has anything to do with Nudism.

And, uh, I'm not saying he's against it, either.

Well, if I had to guess, I'd say he prolly supports Nudists.

Hmm, that doesn't sound as good I thought it would.

Mebbe I should've said he's behind them all the way ahaha.

Whew, is it getting hot in here? I'm sweating like a pig.

Yah, don't go over there and ask him to clarify his position on Nudism, please.

Ugh, mebbe I should delete this and start over heh.

See, this is why I can't take you people to nice places haha.

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