Monday, February 12, 2007

Eve Bite Apple

I'm not playing any games right now (this is gonna be one of those things where I talk about computer games, so you may wanna quit reading now and skip this one).

I was actually downloading the new (to me, anyways) Eve Online client and reading through the forums when I came across a bunch of posts about the whole Eve Online Scandal, where players were getting banned for basically catching admins cheating.

Yah, I wasn't super keen on playing the game again anyways, when I thought about how much fun I had last time, imagining being a pirate or a super awesome space-hero in an online version of Freelancer while I actually spent all my time listening to europeans complain about americans while I ran millions of boring ass missions and waited for skills to train so I could move to the next level of boring missions and skills to train.

But when I saw all that stuff going on in their forums, it just totally sealed the deal on not playing.

Oh, I'm not a prude or anything, man, I've seen (and sometimes taken part in) admin cheating and favoritism and shit like that in pretty much every online game I ever played.

Heck, Events are basically just a bunch of cheating and favoritism, if you bother to think about it a little.

And I don't even really care if the cheating is totally nasty in a pvp game, as long as it doesn't get in the way of me having some fun, and I don't even mind it getting directly in the way of my usual fun, as long you cheat openly and I get some respect and recognition fer trying to fight fair.

But in Eve Online, they not only totally disrespected everybody who played the game without cheating, (and probably made some cigarette money on the side) they actually banned the good guys and anybody that came to their defense as if they were the criminals in order to try to keep the whole thing covered up.

And I'm just not cool with that human-rat kinda shit.

I don't wanna play a game with people like that.

Plus, I don't really like the game much, 'cause its so goddam boring it makes me wish I could cheat, and I'm too old and tired and lazy to kiss a bunch of pissy teenage-arrested-development ass in order to position myself on the good side of the cheating stick, so its easy fer me to turn around and be all nasty and self-righteous about it haha.

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