Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Faceless Suit People

I think, if I was gonna work in the game industry, I wouldn't wanna be no stupid barefoot hippy game designer artist loser slaving away in a puddle of my own ass-sweat, yacking with all those scrubby nutjob players and trying to promote my pitiful Church of the Ultimate Game MUD Socialism Service Upgrade idea on the web or whatever.

Hell no.

I'd wanna be one of the Faceless Suit People, something like the personal assistant of Smed's PR dude, the one that makes him seem likeable and human, that guy is a frickin' genius.

We could all hang out and get totally wasted and play Playstation in the conference room with a bunch of hookers and the sons of Powerful Japanese Executives all day, and whenever we got bored, we could summon forth all those pale and sickly Game Designer Plebes and pretend to be all serious and interested in their work and then scare the living shit out of them by saying stuff like "its not very Star Warsy, is it?" and make them work even harder for less money, and then bust our guts laughing.

Man, the sons of Powerful Japanese Executives are so awesome at making serious looking faces ahaha.

Dude, that is the life, holmes.

Its too bad we couldn't do it floating around in the pool at the mansion, though, this conference room commuting shit is a total buzzkill.

"If you losers spent half the time you waste talking about making games actually making half the games you waste half your time talking about you wouldn't be half as fired as you are!"

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