Monday, February 19, 2007

My Little Pony Online

And then there's this thing.

Where a dude named "Reg" said:

"This new game. Will it have ponies? Will I be able to ride them? Can I slaughter them for food? If I buy another pony of the opposite sex will I be able to breed them? How many ponies can I have? A lot?"

Holy shit.

Do you realize how much money something like that would make?

My Little Pony Online?

It's like a totally untapped demographic, baby.

You'd probably have to pull the "slaughter them for food" thing though.

Yah, or just keep it separated to special Pony Killer Servers and stuff.

Well, whatever, even if it totally tanks like the Matrix, you can always just sell it to Sony.

And then there's poor Lum, going into some horrible meeting with some monster-fighting-football-team idea that he's sweat blood and slaved over for millions of hours, and just as the door slams behind him, some Gaming Mozart guy just walks up and nails it outta the park like that, brrrrr man, that's cold.


Joe said...

Six year old little girls love My Little Ponies. So much so that mine is going to the My Little Pony Ice-Dancing thing or some crap like that tonight.

Me, I'm taking my boy to the bowling alley.

But imagine the gamer father trying to find fun things for his kid to do on the computer that are training-wheels for MMOs. Not like Playhouse Disney or Popcap junk. Something with character progression.

You could start out in Ponyville and meet a character representing a class trainer. Rainbow Dash, trainer in the art of the Generalist. Sparkleworks, the Enchanter making the other ponies do what she wants. Wisteria, the bitchy leader of the show and Tank.

Do a bunch of quests that lead up to meeting the other characters in Ponyville, leading up to level 10 where you can move on to the Grass-is-Always-Green meadow. The raiding game involves out-cutesifying the Pegasus Ponies up in their little shy-sky city.

Maybe I'll cut it short here after revealing an embarassingly large amount of My Little Pony knowledge.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Bah man nothing embarassing about that, that's pretty much exactly what I was thinking when I wrote this, my little brother's third kid is a pink booger machine and I been wondering about what kinda game she might like ever since she was born.

It ain't easy for me 'cause I have zero exposure to little girl stuff prior to this.

I was thinking of it more from a horsefarm simulation perspective, something inherently educational and full of math and problem solving and project management type stuff, where the multiplayer component was limited to folks being able to trade horses for breeding and showing off their dollhouse farms and gardens and those horse shows where they run those obstacle courses and stuff, whatever the hell that's called.

I had a girlfriend that did all that horse competition stuff when I was a kid and she turned out to be all cool and sweet and smart and wise and stuff, too wise to fall for any of my evil shit, at least, which was definitely a good thing for her.

I was sorta steering clear of the EQ-WoW model 'cause its too easy for me to imagine that turning into a nightmare no matter how thickly you apply the girly stuff as a defense mechanism to keep guys like me (and worse) from playing it, I mean, its still one of our kinda games where we go around killing stuff and robbing corpses, even if I'm Winnie the Pooh and yer Tigger.

But whatever, that would be more fun for me to play than the horsefarm thing (where I'd be doing the "oh that's nice" faking interest thing the whole time), and you could pretty easily eliminate everything that totally freaks me out about it just by making the whole thing instanced and by-invitation-only, under the control of the Parent Account.

And then I'd be able to play games with my brother's kids without having to drive all the way over to their house.

That'd beat the hell out of thinking about them sitting there watching TV all the time, I never realized how freaky it was to see a kid zombie-out infront of a TV until just lately, I mean, no wonder they were always screaming at us about that when we did it, its like watching ET turn gray and die, they actually even drool, shit gives me the creeps heh.

Fraxas said...

If you want a horsefarm online simulation, then actually Dave Rickey has you beat already.

His blog is down now, but he used to work for Mythic (aka Dark Age of Camelot) and he got fired when he told them that their second expansion (which was full of shit) was full of shit. Now he makes virtual horses, or he did 2 years ago at least.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Ah that is pretty kickass man.

I actually asked my brother's wife about the horse thing and she lit up like it was cool but her girl ain't into horses yet.