Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You Guys Suck

Man, I spent the whole day reading forums and blogs about MMOs and games, hoping I'd get inspired to play something, and although I laughed myself into a headache, I'm right back where I was before I started, 'cept now I got a headache.

There ain't nothing I wanna play on its own merit, so that leaves me looking for games that my real life buddies are playing, 'cause they can make a shitty game fun to play, but none of my real life buddies are playing anything.

So that leaves me looking for games that my non-real-life buddies are playing, but they don't seem to be playing anything either.

So let's play something, I don't care what it is.

Okay, wait, I do care what it is.

But there might be mitigating circumstances, y'know, like playing a game with elves and crafting would only be fun with a bunch of guys who hate elves and crafting if we all prance around in curly toed shoes and torture each other, winking and blowing kisses at people, c'mon, it'd be awesome, it'd be like that time we played Horizons as the naked body-builder giant guys, glistening with oil in the snow, or that time I tricked Ex-bouncer into playing a french guy in EVE.

"Oodle-dee-doo! I crafted this magical acorn hat for you! Weedle-lee-dee! We're footloose and fancy free!"

"Hold me elf-friend! I'm shaking like a leaf!"

AHAHA OW shit my headache.

Man, is there a game like Voltron, where we can all be robots that combine to make one big super robot?

'Cause then I could force you to be the foot, and I could kick you into the nuts of another super robot over and over again, and give you that Extreme Robot Crotch Close Up.

You love it.

Bah, whatever, you guys suck, I'm going home.

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