Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Troll Heaven

Man I love the Vault Network Boards.

I only wish I could link directly to the funny shit, like the Terminal Ward posts on the Horizons (which is now using the new optionally-free-to-play model, but not on purpose!) and Asheron's Call 2 boards, and anything that anybody says on the Atriarch and Shadowbane boards, or the guy from NWN2 who wants to know the command for kicking "slow-loading retards" off his server, its not /punt or /boot, he tried that already AHAHA.

Actually nothing beats the Horizons boards right now, not even the little weird ones like Archlord and Knight Online and Phantasy Star University Online, although those are pretty funny too with their "Dear Korean Game Designer" and "OMG HAX" posts, I mean, when there's only six people playing, you might as well all hack away baby ahaha.

"So Japanese Schoolgirl is a character class?"

"On a positive note, this game uninstalled pretty nicely."

Well, yah, the "Myst Online: Uru Live" board is an instant classic too ahaha.

I don't actually post there, y'know, ever since I got banned in 1982 for trying to explain Zen to a moderator with a Hello Kitty Thumb Sucking Pillow Icon, but its never failed to provide me with entertainment value in these Dark Ages of Woe where everybody is talking about their level 60 character in WoW.

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