Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fat Guy Solves Mystery

So I think Jeff Freeman is working on another spaceship game.

Yah, 'cause this guy says that Jeff is one of his employees.

And that guy is working on a space game for NCSoft, the guys who brought you Super Jump and that Mad Max one, which is where Lum works, I think.

This super smart chick from Shadowbane and Lum's is involved, but I don't think she's the community chick from Atriarch (oh man how many E3s have they been at AHAHA their archives go back to 1999!) although I think both of their names start with S and I keep getting them confused.

And Richard Garriott, who I always confuse with Raph Koster, and the Creepy King, even though I'm pretty sure that only one of them dresses in leather with the chaps and everything so you'd think they'd be sorta easy to tell apart, said something about it, too.


W.Churchill said...

Shit there are some big names working on that game and I've drank beer with at least one of them for the past few years.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Well, its not like its the dudes who did Descent or Syndicate Wars or Fallout or Freelancer or anything SUPER awesome like that but I guess it's still pretty good heh heh heh.

I dunno who did all that shit from Jump to Lightspeed with the ships you could walk around inside of with your buddies taking turns at the steering wheel and guns (and it was twitch on top of it) and all the engineering points inside the ship and stuff but I hope they got that guy 'cause that really WAS WAY the hell ahead of its time.

So was CoH and Autoassault, though, actually, on the technical side.

They also said they got some guys who worked on the Wing Commander games but y'know that had cat people innit and cat people suck.

Actually Chris Roberts, who did the original Wing Commander, was one of the founding fathers of 3d programming, y'know, along with the Id dudes, and I just read his wiki entry to find out what his name was 'cause I couldn't remember and it said that Richard Garriott stole one of his user interfaces for those crappy ass Ultima games that Jeff loves so much!

The plot thickens!

Lotta inbreeding going on, but at least they're bound to get a good banjo player or two out of it ahaha.

W.Churchill said...

Maybe they'll dig up ol' Mark Hamill to do some voice acting in it or something. He kicked ass in Wing Commander 4 I think it was.

Yeah they sound like they've got a good crew working on whatever it is their making, LOL banjo player. All I know is I better get into the beta which could be anytime between now and 4 years from now.

Im still waiting on someone to make Road Warrior Online. That story just screams for huge MMO potential. meh Autoassault was kinda 'meh' imo, but with the right team behind it, Road Warrior Online could be one of the best.

Think about it, you could run missions for Aunty Entity and fight really strong retarded dudes in that cage match two men enter, one man leaves style.

Build cars outta junk and human skin then go square off against Lord Humungus and his minions. maybe have that crazy kid with the boomerang doing backflips all over the place choppin heads off and shit.

/takes a deep breath
Meh been a dream of mine for awhile now so I digress

yeah your right about that stuff being way ahead of its time and I have faith that whoever did that will only continue to push the envalope.

W.Churchill said...

you know, I'd make that Road Warrior mmo myself but I'm lacking the bazillion dollars in investments needed for development costs and the crack team of master ninja developers to pull it off, and then theres the cost of the strippers that they all have lurking around the office but wont admit it.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Autoassault was a lot cooler than I thought it was gonna be but it definitely didn't have no punky australian Heavy Metal Comics dogfood-eating Lord Humongus-ness to it.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Online baby, aw HELL yah.

Well, if Jeff turns into another Creepy King David Copperfield guy like Richard Garriott we can all live in his Michael Jackson amusement park and make hardcore controversial games that get the cops to come and take away his pet monkey and Elephant Man Bone Collections and stuff ahaha.

Mark Hammill AHAHA the plot thickens even more!