Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Funnest Table

Somewhere, out there, among all the other millions of tables one may happen to be sitting at, there's a funnest table to sit at.

Oh, its not always the same table, or the same people, its just whatever table is currently the funnest table to sit at, as we all move around from table to table.

I'm not sure who is sitting there, right now, but there must be at least one really entertaining guy there, probably more, heck, there's probably even a really funny girl or two there, unless the table happens to be in one of those countries where the men have a lot of money because they don't let women sit at tables, and even then, it may be a table filled with women that's the funnest table to sit at in one of those countries, considering all the funny men-are-assholes shit they'd be saying.

I'm not sure exactly what they're doing at the funnest table, either, heck, if I knew that, I'd be making my own table the funnest table, but they're probably laughing so hard at the comedy of it all that they see stars and pee themselves a little, and they're probably mawing down on some drooly awersomes food, and drinking something sinfully delicious that makes fer tasty burps, and smoking pipes filled with something so magical it hardens their nipples, and they're prolly thinking of all this bright and glowing brain candy stuff that we can't even imagine, no matter how hard we try, 'cause our environment is way to gloomy and nasty and crappy and dismal and survivalistic and wretched to support such fantastic thoughts, man, it must be awesome to be there, they're so lucky.

Now all we need is a funnest table detector, something lightweight and portable.

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