Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Enter the Matrix

I think we should all play the Matrix Online.

C'mon! Look at these awesome screenshots.

I bet you never played it.

I know I never played it.

Okay, you might have played it if you were one of the guys who made it, or if your son worked on it, but then they probably won't let you guys play it anymore if you don't work there anymore heh.

C'mon let's do it!

We'll have the whole place to ourselves!

How bad could it possibly be?

Plan 9 From Outer Space bad?


As bad as Vanguard?

No way it could be that bad, it has kungfu, right?

And no elves or cat people, I don't think!

Well I think the tiny little Ed Wood guy who is still working on the game really needs our support!

He's just too proud to ask for it!

He has Live Events every day and nobody shows up!

There is no one there to dry his tears!

He's just a little kid!

How can you be so uncaring!

Think of the child!

You were his age once!

Don't let that happen to somebody else!

Plus he'll have to give us whatever we want 'cause he'll be afraid we'll quit if he doesn't!

Make us fly like Neo, son!

Where's my Super Jump?

This isn't very Matrixy!


We can start a Grassroots Matrix Revival!

We can turn it around and make the Matrix Sony's Flagship MMO!

It'd be so easy to beat Brad McQuaid and his precious Vanguard!

Let's do it!

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