Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feral Eyebrow Action

Man, y'know how yer ear and nose hair starts growing like crazy when ya start gettin' older?

Well I got this one eyebrow that's growing all wild and crazy, like a mad scientist eyebrow.

But its just one of my eyebrows, 'cause the other one is normal, which makes it even crazier-looking.

I know, I know, its 'cause I'm a mutt, just like every other hair on my body is a different color and texture, now I got two different people's eyebrows, it's frickin' horrible ahaha.

"Hey, the left side of his face kinda looks like your family!"

Shit man, I'm like Spock with just one pointy ear or something, I'll screw myself into the ground in a strong wind, people are gonna be like, "Uh oh, he's raising his crazy eyebrow at me! What's that mean?"

Oh wait, I just checked and now my other eyebrow is starting to grow all wild and crazy too.

Whew, thank god.

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