Friday, April 25, 2008

Try To Love One Another

There's guys that work on one game after another.

Y'know that whole "development team" and "live team" switcheroo garbage.

I think that sucks.

In a game where you want players to put all this long term investment into it to retain them as customers I think there might be a certain advantage to not having all your developers be allowed to constantly run off and start making something else.

That's why I support hobbling them and faking their deaths.

We used to think that Everquest could've kept being upgraded forever and ever with expansions by the same guys that built it, 'member that?

I think that's a cooler way to do it.

Although I really hated that client upgrade for Everquest that made all the ogres look like vampires heh.

Yah, I liked the original Fred Flintstone Ogres way the hell better, man.

Even though our helmets were horrible ahaha.

They just didn't want to keep paying that guy or something.

Or he wanted more money.

I don't really wanna know the answer y'know I just figger its better to leave it like that where they're both "the bad guys" 'cause that way its fair or whatever ahaha.

Man I hate all that showbiz stuff heh.

"And then the Brad got into Artistic Differences with his Co-star or something and he stormed right out of the building!"

Yah, they always screw over the guys that make all the models, man.

That's like a Rule of Game Design or something.

That's not done for business reasons or anything, though, y'know, its just 'cause its so much fun to screw over the guys that make all the models, since they're the dudes that actually have to do all the work.

I mean, games are like 1% programming-and-game-design-and-posturing-and-babykissing-and-box-stuffing-and-stamp-licking and nine thousand percent tedious-ass CAD work.

See, so its like, totally easy to push them game artist guys right over the edge for the Big Laughs man ahaha.

"I'm just here to change out the woodchips in your cage, man, I don't make any of the decisions."

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