Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aquaman's Revenge

Whales have brains the size of couches.

Made out of the same stuff that our brains are made of.

'Cause cell size isn't really all that variable on a planet, right?

We could store more information in a whale brain than we could store in our own brains.

So its sorta got its own internet.

And a cockpit entrance through its blowhole.

And it can hold its breath for five hours of life support.

And its brain can store like, five hours of internet heh.

All you gotta do is make it space-proof and it can jump out of the water and make the jump to lightspeed.

And its sings all the time and swims alongs and eats everything as its swimming along and singing.

Ex-b is all like, "people wouldn't like it if whales came up on land but they could y'know. For five hours at a time ahaha"

Whales with super awesome spaceship exoskeletons that we can be the brain controlling alien symbiotes of.

And you could hook up dolphins with something cool like chainsaw arms to operate as cyborg attack dogs that can swim at 80km an hour and do 0-60 in like two and a half seconds and they got RADAR stock, they're the spacemotorcyle exoskeleton dolphins.

Whales got RADAR too right?

Are dolphin brains bigger than ours?

Goddam that'd suck.

*Aquaman Consults the Wisdom of the Whales*

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