Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heroes Are Simple

Superman is this guy that's like, super strong and indestructable and has all these other super powers like eye-beam lasers and x-ray vision and flying and stuff.

And his arch enemy is Lex Luthor, whose only "powers" are that he's smart and rich.

But somehow, even though Lex Luthor is supposed to be smart as his "not even super" power, he always ends up doing something stupid, and Superman beats his ass.

That's 'cause people in the olden days were big and strong and dumb and poor and they liked it when a big dumb strong guy beat the hell out of smart rich guy.

Even though that could never ever actually happen in Real Life, not in a million billion years, no matter how many super powers you give a dumb guy, unless you make the smart guy "accidentally" do something dumb that gives the super powered meat-head a chance to knock his block off ahaha.

Then came Batman.

Batman is this crazy, smart, serious, mean and gothy rich guy.

Batman is the definition of batshit crazy, man, his whole gimmick is designed around the idea that flying mice are scary, the only people that are scared of bats are people from the city, and the only thing they are afraid of is that they'll get bats stuck in their hair, so its totally some kind of bizarre goth hairspray city person niche thing ahaha.

Batman's arch enemy is the Joker.

The Joker is a crazy, smart, funny, happy, clowny purple-pimped-out rich guy who makes jokes.

And the Batman fans like it when the serious mean goth guy beats up the happy funny clown-pimp-guy.

Yah, see, the stuff they have in common, the "crazy" and "smart" and "rich" bits, in this case, sorta cancels out, y'know.

And the incredible Hulk is for folks that like it when this great big angry, ugly, misunderstood idiot with no money wins.

And Wolverine is for hairy, angry, little toughguys who smoke cigars.

See, this whole Hero thing is totally simple, man.

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