Friday, April 11, 2008

Still Collating

Ahhh, Dundee moved over here.

Uh sorta.

And like, maybe, too, I guess.

Hey man, if you wanna figure it out, you can read all the junk on both sites and do your own fricking archaeoglogy into his overly complex reasonings for everything he does and whatever, its always gotta be complicated, the guy can't ever seem to do anything that's just goddam simple heh.

And here I was going around telling all the chicks that my best friend in the whole world had died.

Y'know, for the sympathy sex and stuff.

This sucks that he's not dead.

Ah well, guess I'll have to say he got brought back to life and it was a miracle and everything.

So I can get me some church chick sex.

Well, whatever, I like the new site better just 'cause it ain't got all that nerd stuff programmed into yet, y'know, that stuff that scans my computer for shit that he can blackmail me with and writes ten million cookies for statistical crap he can turn into one of them game dev clipboard tapper flowcharts of the human condition, or tells him how popular he is or something.

"Your Popularity Score is 5."

"You have 2 point(s) of Sheer Awesomeness left to spend."

"Your audience prefers topics about Pornography (98%), Fur (1%), Fresh Helicopter Stories (0%), and Dynamic Bayesian Networks (0%)."

Y'know, that stuff that makes it load all slow and shit heh.

Its like, what the fuck is it doing now?

The guy only tells like one joke a week, man, why does it take all this processing power, wtf could it possibly be calculating and collating back there ahaha.

"Ash. Any suggestions from you or Mother?"

"No, we're still collating."

*Laughing in disbelief* "You're what? You're still collating? I find that hard to believe."

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