Thursday, April 17, 2008

Medium Rare

Are there people who go through their whole life without tasting a hamburger?

'Cause they heard it was bad for you?

Do people actually try it first, or do they just imagine how bad it'd be to bite into one?

Like right into an animal's neck and suck out it's lifeforce and never actually taste its lifeforce?

Do they just imagine it and never do it?

What's that thing Clinton said?

"I didn't inhale."

Do they read stories about how good they taste, from people who have actually tried one?

Like, are there any noob reviews of how good hamburgers taste?

Man, I should make a webiste for that, with little kids explaining how great everything is to people that are even newer than them who haven't actually tried it yet.

"Hey you know what's good on this planet? Oh man hamburgers."

Or do they skip those reviews so they won't be tempted?

If they're afraid of being tempted, do they actually go through their whole life being afraid to read stories about how good they are, and never actually reading one?

People who have actually never tried a hamburger?


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