Monday, April 21, 2008

Dan Rubenfield Rules

*standing ovation*

Man I was all getting bored with everybody being nice and charming and pitiful and weak (and all that for no good reason, since nothing they're mumbling about all nicey nicey is ever gonna amount to anything interesting anyways) and my eyes were glazing over and then I stumbled on Dan Rubenfield's thing and now I'm all like "oh fuck yeah man! shit yeah! fuck yeah!"

And then I get halfway down the page and it turns out he likes Dundee and Sun and shit on top of it and I was all like, "ohhhkies this is getting a little creepy now!"

But creepy in a good way, y'know, like when I thought Evil Dead 2 was gonna be a stupid slasher movie (which woulda been fine with me, as long as there was some boobs-n-gore innit), from the "skull with eyeballs" cover of the tape in the Video store when I was a kid, and it turned out to be a fucking masterpiece (even though it didn't have any boobage innit).

Not creepy like "oh god I ain't gonna be stuck in this hellhole full of barely sentient and joyless brainiacs until the sweet and merciful release of death am I?" creepy heh.

And then I got to the thing he said about consoles being the defacto-standard for Triple A Gaming and I was like, "meh, well, two out of three ain't bad" ahaha.

The kids of gen X are too small for computers still right now, y'know?

But won't be all that long before they want something a little more complex than paddles, and computers are the most adaptive systems (unless you add a bunch of shit to a console, which would basically make it into a computer).

If I was gonna pick a platform to shoot for, to capture the biggest audience of the future right now, I'd have to put my money on "it better run on shitty laptops, including those crappy-ass applemacks that everybody uses in the movies" heh.

Oh holy shit man he's working on some kinda Apocalypse game too.

Ah goddam I should listen to Dundee more huh ahaha.

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