Monday, April 14, 2008

And Life Ain't Nuthin But a Funny Funny Riddle

Here's a little something to clean your brain off after that last thingie, if ya need it.

Well, some folks ain't strong like the mountain and everything.

And a little sunshine don't hurt mountain folk none anyways.

We can only hope that the Aliens that come along, long after we're all done and gone, will find that old record player along with all our other freaky shit heh.

And start tapping their feet a little.

Or whatever they got to tap, y'know.


Sundry Chicken said...

Good thing you posted the antidote.

My primal brainstem functions and frontal lobes seemed to be experiencing quite a bit of random crosstalk. Nearly lost the ability to continue eating a tasty sammich due to visions of burritos filled with alien ectoplasm.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah Rubber Johnny ain't that bad when you figger out that its just a cute little cartoon, really, where RJ plays with the dog using all his super powers and then just PRETENDS to be a totally creepy and boring monster-boy whenever that handler guy comes around, but its easy to be overpowered by RJ's Uber Creepy Act (just like the handler guy is fooled, actually heh).

I dunno, it connected up in my brain from that Fermi thing, where we wanna find intelligent life that's more intelligent than us, but you can only find intelligent life that's dumber than you, really.

There's really no "paradox" or anything to "we haven't found anyone dumber than us yet!" AHAHA.