Friday, April 18, 2008

The Female Mind

The female mind is used to translating things from male to female.

They have better stealth.

If they know what they are by default they can take advantage of that.

Where its pretty easy to detect a male mind.

Because they are like delicate flowers.

Y'know, 'cause the male is taught from early on to have an aversion to female thought patterns.

You have to be willing to put up with things that make the male mind feel squeamish to even learn anything about the female stuff.

All that live-in-the-present and go-with-the-flow stuff and taking-care-of-cuts-and-scrapes and cleaning-the-house that's gross heh.

And then there's the loss of social standing with the local ruffians if they ever admit to knowing anything about it ahaha.

Man its tough for me to maintain a sexless narrative voice heh.

But who is better at impersonating the other?

That's the real question.

'Cause the winner of that is the winner.

That's all there is to it.

Even with the limited amount of data that the male mind is allowed to access, I can still fuck you up with it as long as I know how to use it better than you do ahaha.

"But sometimes that Leaver To Beaver shit is good."

"That's just 'cause you like it all nasty haha."

"Haha yah."

There is stuff that can't be translated into female thought, though.

I know there is 'cause I do it sometimes on accident.

Where a woman would really have to try to hard to come up with something like that, I'm constantly in danger of doing it on accident.

Its so weird to think about women having to reverse some of the shit I say haha man it makes me laugh out loud to think about them replacing "hot chicks" with "hot guys" and stuff.

And the worst ones I do make me laugh the hardest ahaha.

Some of 'em are kinda cute though.

Yah, Lazy and Genuine sorta go hand in hand though that's just like Chaos Theory there I take enough swings with the bat and I'm bound to smash something out of the solar system ahaha.

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