Friday, April 18, 2008

Girl Bands

Here's the thing with Girl Bands.

There's always the problem of us automatically sorting them into who is the hottest and stuff.

Our attention to details like that creates conflict within the Band, y'know.

And sometimes, if a Girl Band hangs around too long, the original hot one may get soft and melt under our attention and eventually be out-hotted by one of the members who wasn't originally the hottest, and then they gotta switch places and there's a new frontwoman and the sound totally changes and everything is all awkward for everyone concerned heh.

Don't they usually all go their separates ways, to do their own solo albums, where they can hire people uglier than them to hang around them and make them look better?

But that's not as fun for the audience as the other thing.

One hot chick is not as good as four hot chicks, no matter how hot the hottest one is and how much ugly you use to contrast it with.

Well, not over time, at least.

So you gotta start out with more hot chicks in the middle of all the ugly people.

See, you gotta start using your fourth dimension and thinking long term about these things, and not so short term all the time ahaha.

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