Saturday, April 19, 2008

Live Action Roleplaying Roleplaying

"Hey you wanna play D&D with us?"

"Sure! Hey, do you guys, like, dress up with costumes and stuff?"

"Oh no we're not into all that kinda weird shit, man. Are you?"

"Uh, no."

"Well you did agree to play before you asked us if we dressed up or not."

"Mebbe he wants to dress up."

"Mebbe he wants us to dress up."

"Mebbe we should dress up just to make him think we do dress up haha."

"Dude you better not be imagining me frolicking about the woods all footloose and fancy free in an elf costume with a tiny little cardboard sword."

"Yah he's gotta have a BIG HUGE cardboard sword haha."

"Does he really think we do that kinda shit?"

"Oh quit picking on him and let him dress up if he wants to I wanna see that and you guys are ruining it hahaha."

"Naw, we don't dress up or anything."

"Yah we just play naked so its easier to wash all the blood off afterwards."

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