Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NASA Built My Hotrod

Haha *kicks imaginary guy in the nuts with special Kungfu Action Move*

I think a totally realistic and scientific (well, as far as we know what that is) NASA "colonize and industrialize space and the solar system and establish research outposts on Mars and the moons of Saturn" type game could be fun.

I kinda agree with Mike, though, NASA as a "brand name" ain't "cool," but there's probably some value to it, y'know, with parents buying stuff for their kids, or people who wanna be a part of the whole space thing for real ('cause NASA would be using this for funding, so you, as a player, could feel like you are a part of all that, with access to "exclusive" information through the game, too, and I'm sure there'd be "missions" to repair the Hubble Space Telescope and shit like that).

The biggest collaborative computer thing on the internet (and the most powerful supercomputer ever put together) was for one of those Search For Intelligent Life kinda things, y'know?

The "exclusive access" to NASA stuff is junk like being able to use the actual photographs and elevation data for planets and shit.

There's free games that already do that, I even used NASA's database when I was playing around and hacking up Vegastrike to make all my planets heh.

And it sounds like they'll set things up to pay some Space Habitat Specialist Guy (or whatever) so that you can pick his brain, which you could do for free already too, if you were charming enough and stuff ahaha.

Yah, they'll just pay the guy so you don't even need to be charming AHAHA.

But, sorta parallel to Hib's thing, I kinda wonder how far they'd let you go with showing all the "realistic" and "scientific" dangers of space stuff, y'know?

'Cause that would be where all my interests came in heh.

"Realistic" and "scientific" isn't all fluffy and nice, y'know?

And if you gotta ask permission for every little thing that you wanna do, so that some dude at NASA can protect NASA's "image" however he feels he needs to do that, then that sucks man ahaha.

Its really hard to build up anything that's sorta heroic story-wise without touching all the dark places to establish context.

"I prefer my science to be all fluffy and nice."

Man I hate those jobs where you are the guy stuck negotiating between the wishes of the fishes and reality man those are the worst ask any technical guy ahaha.

Yah, the more I think about this, the crazier of a niche it gets, and I doubt that's the kinda thing the NASA image-guys at NASA is gonna want AHAHA.

"Its gotta be educational, but not too educational, 'cause that's scary."

"Dude, everybody is gonna fall asleep at the wheel unless its scary, seriously."

Its like being the guy stuck negotiating between the dummies and the super smart guys with some dude looking over your shoulder to make sure that the smart guys always look good, but at the same time you need to appeal to the dumb guys and get money from 'em.

I think you kinda need to make something that makes the dumb guys look good to do that ahaha.

And you can't make stupid people appreciate smart stuff by making the smart stuff stupid, 'cause then it ain't smart stuff, its just stupid stuff heh.

Or is it supposed to be something that the smart guys will want to play?

'Cause that's a tiny audience man if I had a nickel for every smart guy there is I'd still have to go around begging on the streets a little to get enough money together to get drunk ahaha.

Yah, better to just make it all up and do your own thing, I think, and not have anybody slowing you down with their two cents and junk.

Educational stuff ain't bad though, its a hook just like boobs and gore, educational stuff makes people feel like they didn't just totally waste their time, y'know, and educational stuff is always a good thing to wrap all the boobs and gore in, y'know, so folks can tell themselves they read Playboy for the Articles, or they watch the Tudors because History is So Interesting, and Star Trek: Enterprise isn't just a really slow strip show for the hot Vulcan Chick, or whatever heh.

Now, if the Russians made a space game that was all dark and kickass and grim-with-a-sense-of-humor and underfunded and stuff like Russian Scifi and junk, I'd totally play that ahaha.

C'mon seriously y'know those guys are real heroes.

You just gotta be careful with the russian women 'cause they're smolderingly awesome up 'till they try to kill you in your sleep.

Man, NASA should just make some totally awesome scifi porn for funding, with some smokin' hot and supersmart scientist slash librarian chicks in the labcoats and glasses, aw hellyah, we'd be at Alpha Centauri in no time, why we wasting our time chasing this educational bullshit, that's a totally illogical kinda power source to use when we could just tap into the raw sexual energy of the entire human race and happily screw ourselves (and NASA haha) into space heh.

Oh but they're too prissy and self-conscious and high-falutin and worried about their appearance and whatever to do what makes sense according to science ahaha.

"Yay! Let's just sell posters of telescopes to raise funds!" AHAHA.

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