Friday, April 18, 2008


Man we got another one of those Y2K things coming up.

Where our previous system of doing stuff is gonna need to be replaced.

'Cause like, in 2020, how are we gonna say "dude that is so 2010."

Y'know like we say that's so 80s or that's so 90s.

We can't say that's so "tennies."

And 2000 is even worse.


Yah I'm not saying that shit out loud.

"Dude that is so zero-ies."

Yah that's all kinds of fucked up ahaha.

See, this is why nobody thought of this shit until the 1920s heh.

And now, when we hit 2020, we're gonna need a thing for distinguishing between 1920 and 2020 when we say "twenties."

See this is just getting more and more fucked up all the time heh.

We're prolly gonna have to say twenty-twenties and shit.

"Dude that is so twenty-twenties."

Gah that's all fucked up too ahaha.

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