Monday, April 14, 2008

Sun of a Sword

Oooh Sunsword updated with a list of jobs his company is hiring for.

All you super smart guys oughta go and buuuug hiiiim ahaha.

Man, I'm glad things seem to be going okay with him, I was kinda worried there for a bit.

I dunno why I worry, he's like, all super-powerful and stuff.

Well, I guess I do know why, I want him to be a huge success and make a zillion dollars 'cause I know he'll do good stuff with it.

Y'know, he's one of those guys that I just sit there and go "yah yah yah oh that'd be good yah yah yah" the whole time he talks about games and shit, I don't disagree with him enough about anything to come up with anything interesting to say heh.

Anyways he's super perceptive, and that's like, the most important quality you can have in a boss, y'know.

Well, if yer an honest guy that really wants to do something good.

I'm not into that saving the world kinda stuff, y'know, I'm more from the deadly parasite side of the family tree, I want one of those 30k-a-year no-name red-shirt game-tester jobs or something with no responsibilities where I can be high all day, but I suppose I could go and work for the enemy team and ruin 'em from the inside out or something ahaha.

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