Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fanboy For Hire

Okies I'm gonna pick somebody else to be a fanboy of now instead of Dundee.

I can do that right?

I'm pretty sure you can do that.

Even if it isn't okay to do that, I'm gonna do it anyway.

Yah, Dundee is too normal for me, man, I need somebody weirder.

Plus he's all like, "don't say how good Scott Jenning's stuff is on my website " and "hey I've got an idea let's talk about how famous I am some more" and "look a hot chick with MY name on her isn't that interesting?" all the time.

Well, actually that makes him more appealing 'cause he sorta reminds me of Rimmer from Red Dwarf but he does a lot of other stuff that's like, totally normal and that ruins it man ahaha.

Anyways I need somebody really weird man, there's gotta be somebody weirder out there, I tried seaching the net a little but I totally suck at that stuff and I ended up learning all about Orgone Energy instead.

Plus I don't like Anime so that makes the internet almost useless to me y'know I mean there's only a couple things on it besides all that Anime crap and it's all this boring politically correct stuff about how to assemble sewing machines and how you should stay in school and whatever.

Hey, at least I didn't do this one.

And I need somebody that can REALLY take a beating and not get all self-conscious and awkward and stuff even though I totally love all that self-conscious and awkward Kubrick stuff.

So who wants to be the Lucky Guy that gets me for a Fanboy after all that horrible-ass build-up huh speak up quickly now you maggots time is money and somebody needs to GET BACK TO WORK IN THE MINES!

See, its just safer all around if I ain't totally on your side y'know heh.

You couldn't handle it baby ahaha.

Guess I'm stuck with Dundee for now AHAHA.

Poor guy.


Bonedead said...

You couldn't be my fanboy even if you tried.

Not because I wouldn't let you, but because I'm normal.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...


"It's really pretty shocking, what happened, y'know, he seemed like a pretty normal guy."

Sundry Chicken said...

Not to be a grammer-grouse but fanboy is really better as fanboi. It rulez.

Jeff Freeman said...

Hey you knew what you were getting into when we tied the knot in Vegas Online.

Also, haha, you said "rimmer".

Besides, I thought I was your fanboy.

Yeah. Think about that. Good luck trying to get a restraining order that covers this stuff.

I bet you don't even remember Vegas Online!

Blame the free mixology skills.

Didn't I say they should at least cost 1 skill point? Now do you see?

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Hey that stuff was supposed to STAY in vegas man ahaha.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Aw that was cheesy taking your blogspot blog down I hope I didn't make you feel all self-conscious about feeling self-conscious or something.

It actually took me a WHILE to come up with a third thing I could use to misrepresent you with that whole "hey look at me let's talk about me I'm so into me enough about you what about me?" Rimmer gag ahaha.

Inhibitor said...

Okay, you two are one "comment gone wrong" away from a special "Behind the Scenes" episode of "Project:Runway" at this point.

You know I'm right, because I use "a lot" of quotation marks.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Oooh sounds like somebody is getting a little jealous.

Three's a crowd baby.

I'll deal with you later. *wink*