Friday, April 18, 2008

Player Haters

You know what little mmo games can do that big mmo games can't?

Player Vs. Developer.

Oh yah Dundee was BIG on that man he killed me a bunch of times personally and the women were totally on my side afterwards 'cause I got all beat to shit see how I'm all crafty like that holmes aw hellsyah I know how to play that shit ahaha.

*collapses from his wounds into the arms of maidens*

And 'member that junk where everybody in town chased his ass through all those dungeons and mazes and towns fulla bad guys and shit?

Yah they used to do their Events so that EVERYBODY on the server could come along (EVERYBODY = like thirty people or something in this particular case ahaha).

Dundee was the Bad Guy.

Yah, he makes a pretty good bad guy, I guess.

It was so-so really ahaha.

And like, every Friday Night or Saturday Night or something it was another Kick the Developer's Ass Event, where the GMs would make up some story with a bunch of dungeons and quests and then they'd teleport everybody along through the thing and jump in and take control of NPCs and fix all the shit that got fucked up and stuff.

Yah and there was all this weird-ass hand-made loot like rare furniture and Unique Items and stuff too, you could make some really weird shit with the old UO client heh.

EVE Online started out with folks wondering if that bald-headed race was ever gonna show up and be played by the devs like that.

And they did that shit in EQ too, I got killed more than once by the GMs in that one too, but you didn't lose experience points it was just like a PvP thing or something.

But in EVE the devs could fight everybody at once.

Well, as far as the lag would allow anyways.

In EQ they had to do it over and over again like a stageplay, y'know, 'cause of all the separate servers, there was an Event Staff or something that had to go around from server to server, and that's pfft.

GMs would show up at weddings though, they had to go to weddings for some reason, always had to be at least one GM there, and usually there was more than one, so going to weddings was a good way to make a name for yourself and get your ass followed around and killed by a GM ahaha.

Heck just being the only guy that wasn't a total asshole would get you some serious points heh.

Oh yah we fought the devs in shadowbane too.

Yah man shit like that, having GMs fight over who gets to kill you, is cool man AHAHA c'mon seriously there should be more of that shit.

In Dundee's world, the GMs were the Royal Family (whenever they were moving around and not immobile NPCs) and the Bad Guys and the Gods.

Yah sometimes they would be like statues that came to life and shit 'cause they had been following you around invisible and they could possess NPCs heh.

Most of the time they turned themselves invisible just outside of your screen and then they'd walk into your view just so that it'd seem like they didn't go teleporting around invisible all the time ahaha.

They also hosted Player Tournaments for who got to be one of the Queen's Knights and shit like that too.

See, that was so kickass.

It was sorta like a Renaissance Faire without the creepy actor people heh.

Anyways that's not something you should give Dundee credit for though that was other people that did that stuff I think.

Yah Dundee was always a little bitch about roleplaying ahaha.

I always tried to do it all good though and that makes people wanna do it good.

Instead of the way he does it ahaha.

He did have a character called Lord Irish (insteada Lord British) on his UO emulator though.

Yah that's pretty funny.

But it was really more like a tragedy.

Yah that's like a whole mountain full of comedy goldmines that went totally unexplored because he was so goddam bashful ahaha.

Well, whatever, when games get like that, that's the good shit.

That's where being a player is a kinda awesome, when yer not just surrounded by the robots, when the gods and npcs have personality and stuff.

Can't do that in a game like WoW man its too huge.

Well, I guess you could, if you let the players do the God Parts and control who was in their instance or something.

Could you make a game like that, where everyone had a GM god-type character and regular player characters?

I think you could.

I think there could even be some sort of awesome game to being a GM with all the rules and stuff, where you couldn't help your own player character directly, but you could make all the other characters happy and that would translate to good stuff for your guy when the roles were reversed ahaha.

Or even make a game of it, with GM points that you earn for doing shit for the players that you can use to buy stuff from the other GMs.

Yah like one of those service cooperative thingies, where you fix a dentist's roof so he has to fix somebody's teeth so that person will have to do something for you (or whatever).

Or if you wanna get all deep into it, there could be story stuff to being a GM, content for them, that creates all the other shit or makes certain random results more favorable in certain ways.

Y'know like the stories of the Gods from Greek Mythology and stuff.

Or heck, just have a game for the gods, where one dude is the God of Hunting, and there's a goddess of Plants and Wisdom, or whatever the hell.

Have the system adapt to however many people there are, you don't need to have every little force in the universe have a god for it, I think some of the more interesting ones are the mythologies where there's just a God of Fire and a God of the City and that's it ahaha.

Yah the adventures of those two guys as they gathered power from believers and the forces they represented (and got players "unstuck" heh) in order to make a planet (or whatever) would be interesting heh.

And for Royal Families you could use Houses, like the House of Swords, and the House of Cups, and stuff like that.

Yah, Gods, Royalty, Land Owners, and train-hobo-ass "Adventurers" and "Thieves" and "Priests" right?

All four of those things could be different games that messed with the other games in different ways heh.

Dude that could be really cool c'mon seriously.

Dundee had a hypothetical thing about uh, a Star Trek kinda game, where one race was Social, and everything was decided by popular vote, and one race was Military, with everything decided (y'know, like, who would be king and all that) by combat, and one race was something else, Merchants prolly.

He was all into which one you would pick, and I was all like, all of them heh.

You could do that same sorta shit for Gods and Peons too.

Everything among the Royalty is a matter of poisoning the right people and stuff ahaha.

Land-owners get to vote on how their taxes are spent on City Improvements like Better Guards and Better Roads or they're allowed to write-off whatever they re-invest in their business or something.

Gods gotta worry about all the souls of the dead and granting boons and their follower's prayers and shit ahaha.

Or not, whatever.

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