Saturday, April 19, 2008

Real Money Trade

What we should do is pay the RMT guys to build a game for us that's actually fun to play instead of paying them to play a game for us that isn't fun to play.

That way we can just cut out the middle man.

And everybody is happy.

And we can invest our money and energy in the right direction ahaha.

This kinda stuff never happened when we played D&D, y'know, like some dude showing up, offering to play through parts of an adventure for us 'cause the Dungeon Master was boring or trying to turn the whole thing into some kinda crazy Pullman Town where we got paid in Pullman Dollars and had to buy stuff at the Pullman Store.

I wish I woulda thought of that back in them days though that woulda been a good comedy bit.

"Dude that's it I'm hiring a midget to do this adventure for me."

"Yah whats the conversion rate for dollars to electrum?"

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