Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Scorpion and the Frog

I like the guys that worked on the original Everquest.

I dunno how I ended up with all these UO guys and stuff.

I guess its 'cause the UO guys are the only ones who will talk to me still, they're hardier and shit, survivors, they're from the Depression Era of Online Gaming, y'know, they've weathered all sorts of toxic hurricanes and shit that would turn a regular guy into a bubbling pile of pyschological muck ahaha.

And it seems like there's two groups of guys nowadays, the UO guys, and the 38 Studio guys.

But none of 'em are the old EQ guys.

None of 'em are even the couple of old EQ guys who worked on WoW.

And then I play games, and I bump into the old EQ dev guys, like, playing EVE Online and shit.

Y'know the no-name redshirt dudes that actually sat there and made all the maps with the totally fucked up tools that EQ had to make shit with ahaha.

The guys that don't go to all those in-club meetings at gaming conventions and shit.

And I'm all like, dudes, you gotta get back out there and make some games, man, all these noobs out there suck!

And they're all like, I'm not falling for that shit, man, yer just trying to trick me into sticking my neck out so you can rip my head off lol.

And I'm all like, dudes, I promise I won't do that again!

And they're all like, nature-of-the-scorpion this and nature-of-the-scorpion that.

And I'm all like, okay, okay, fuck it, forget I said anything, yer probably right.

And they're all like, good now stfu.

And I'm all like, such a shame, really, y'know, I mean, I guess I'm gonna just have to go around talking about how awesome "the Brad" McQuaid is and rewriting history all the time then oh well.

And they're all like, you fucker.

And I'm all like, dudes, you know that all this pitiful little shit like WoW and LoTRO and gaming websites and "gaming industry standards bullshit" and college courses and books on game design and cases of MMO Malaise and all this other crap is just a bunch of teeny-tiny little side-effects left spinning and trembling in the wake of the Unbridled Awesomeness of One Man's Vision.

Dare I even speak his name?

We need a new Brad McQuaid, man.

A virgin prince.

A true believer.

Something worthy of being thrown upon the fires of our almighty altar of sacrifice.

That's what I have a malaise for.

A worthy sacrifice, somebody that can make something new heh.

Blood and souls for my Lord Arioch! ahaha.

And they're all like, see, I knew it.

And I'm all like, wtf was I saying all that out loud?

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