Friday, April 18, 2008

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

I am this, I am that, what I'm doing is this and that.


You are this, you are that, what you're doing is this and that.


We are this, we are that, what we're doing is this and that.


He is this, he is that, what he's doing is this and that.

>Uh huh.

She is this, she is that, what she's doing is this and that.


They are this, they are that, what they're doing is this and that.


This is this, this is that, what this's doing is this and that.


That is this, that is that, what that's doing is this and that.

>Ah okay.

It is this, it is that, what it's doing is this and that.

>Okay yah.


>We've definitely lost a bit of conceptual elasticity or something.

Yah, the paths to the temple are worn with use.

>Yah we're hanging a little bit to the left.

Haha yah.

>Yah everybody's a little lopsided though.

Everybody isn't lopsided like us, though, haha.

>Some people are lopsided like us, though.

Yah but not exactly like us.

>Yah but we got access to that stuff too, y'know, we just picked the first one we came to, I mean, if you go back there, there was other things to pick from, other ways to do it, y'know but we just picked one and went with it and now we're all the way over here.

Yah and we coulda sorted that stuff any way we wanted to, too, we can go back and do it different if we want, sort it different even, for the next time.


And it doesn't need to be a puzzle made out of snapshots and sensory data without any moving parts, you could do it with Limits or without Limits and Imaginary Numbers and everything.


Yah and you can even do it with accelerations and stuff too.

>Oh yah all sorts of little intensities to set.

Yah its all in how you decide to pick up it all up and throw it all down and walk it, there's a million ways to walk it, but the more you can take it all in and absorb it all and feel it all the less Awesomeness you'll lose to Laws of Thermodynamics.


We got so much awesomeness we can even be all wasteful with it and share it.

>Oh yah talk dirty to me baby.

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