Saturday, April 5, 2008

EVE Gearhead Newbie Junkyard

So I've been playing EVE Online for about a week now, as a Minmatar newb guy.

I've got a couple other accounts that are still turned off, guys that could fly gallente and caldari battleships before I quit on 'em, one of 'em from when the game first came out (both Ex-b and me played it all the way back then), so I'm not a total newb or anything, but I'm not any kind EVE expert or anything either heh.

Anyways I've just been running level 1 missions to make the money I need to do everything else a newb needs to do, like buy skills and the equipment I need to fix up my money-making operation, since pvp and everything besides the annoying-ass training timers in EVE basically boils down to being able to throw money at shit.

Its pretty cool, I love the warp-to-zero thing, insteada all that goddam bookmark shit we used to have to do.

And this new salvaging thing is kickass, at least as far as making money goes.

I've got two ships I use for my missions.

The first one is a Rifter, which is like the Harley Davidson of EVE Online's Cheap Ass Frigates, set up with close-range high-dps autocannons and a rocket launcher and an oversized passive shield/speed tank (its got a medium and a small shield extender in the mids, and a power diagnostic system, a shield power relay, and a Reactor Control Unit in the lows).

And an Afterburner that I never gotta turn off 'cause I don't use cap for anything else.

Its all junk a newb Sebiestor Special Forces guy can fit into a ship without much in the way of training.

And its quick as hell.

And that's what I use to actually fly through all the missions and kill everything.

Ammo is fusion and phalanx rockets for Angel Cartel missions, EMP and gremlin rockets for drones, and phased plasma and whatever-the-hell-the-fire-rockets-are-called for everything else.

And then I got a Thrasher (which is the Minmatar Destroyer), set up for salvaging the wrecks of everything I kill with my Rifter, and its got a shitload of cargo space, compared to the Rifter, so it can loot whatever I gotta leave behind in my first pass.

Its my garbage truck.

Its got the same medium-and-small shield extenders on it as my Rifter but since it ain't really set up to fight anything (it ain't got any guns heh) I just threw some nanofiber hull mods in its lows and gave it an afterburner to bring its speed up to something more respectable heh.

I prolly average somewhere around 500k to a million bucks a mission, with salvaging, I mean, sometimes I'll get a dud, and then sometimes I'll come back with like four mill worth of crap.

And those are just level 1 missions.

I could prolly do level 2 missions already but it wouldn't be too efficient with my crappy skills, I'd have to go long range artillery in a slow-ass cruiser 'cause I ain't got hardly any tanking skills, and that means the loot would be spread out all over the goddam place, and I ain't got the reqs for tractor beams yet to make the clean-up quicker (but I'm working on that, 'cause I want 'em for my salvaging garbage truck).

I already can fly cruisers, I bought a Rupture on the fourth day I was playing, but after taking a look at it I decided to just keep doing what I been doing and not split up my training time in order to get the skills I'd need to make flying it not suck so much heh.

Anyways that's all I been doing, games you can play while watching TV and whatever are cool sometimes, y'know, and its brain kindling for scifi junk, too, well, every once in a while.

And I ain't bugged Madjack yet just 'cause I'm a poor newb and I'm lazy and I don't wanna get stuck in low-sec as some ghetto-ass newbie suicide-tackler guy with no future and no prospects.

Plus I got some expensive (to me, at least) cybernetic implants I been using to make up for the fact that I ain't got jack for Learning skills, and I don't really wanna get 'em podded out of me just for shits and giggles and have to run all the goddam boring missions it'd take to replace 'em either heh.

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