Sunday, April 27, 2008

The D-Man

Oh man Dan Rubenfield put a bunch of new (to me) old (to him, I guess) stuff up.

And not only do I just nod along and agree to it all this time (insteada two out of three ahaha) he actually took me to school and learned me something new that I never even thought about before.

That usually only happens when somebody (mebbe me) makes a terrible mistake, I love me them free ones where nobody (especially me) has to lose an eye and stuff heh.

And he almost made me get mad once and then he turned it all around and did it even better than I could do it with that story thingie, I love that kinda junk where I go from getting all ready to get totally pissed off to cheering a guy on, really quick, I gotta remember that trick, I usually do it the other way around ahaha.

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