Tuesday, April 15, 2008

EVE Offline

Man, I dunno how all you guys do it, there is like no game that I wanna play right now.

And I like games, man, don't get me wrong, there ain't nothing wrong with my game-liking muscles, its just that there don't seem to be anything out there worth clenching 'em on heh.

This new EVE thing, where somebody stole the source code or whatever, doesn't bother me at all, y'know, 'cause I ain't been playing the old log in to switch skills and be glad you don't have to actuallty play it game in at least a week now, I'm with the kid that says he can fall asleep in the middle of a fight in that game, y'know, I need to fly my little spaceship over the surface of some humongous-ass capital ship or something cool like that and not just eliminate a list of red Xs from my radar ahaha.

Even with an emu for it, where we could jack around with everything and make it funner, I still don't think it's got enough junk to be turned into anything interesting, I just don't see how it'd be a good vehicle for anything other than what it is.

Maybe you could do something with like, empire building, if you made it easier or something, y'know, sorta like a game of smash-the-sand-castle Starcraft, with defenses and AI and junk, I think they have that kinda stuff in there, or stuff you could use for it.

Do something with the planets or some shit, to give folks something more interesting and deep to fight over, I dunno, I mean, I guess you could do something good with it, but goddam would that ever be a lot of work, you might as well just make your own fricking thing.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of great and smart stuff about it, the art is awesome, the music is cool, having different civilizations with their own architecture and everything is super smart (that's usually a fatal flaw in a lot of scifi stuff, where there's millions of different historical and mythological things and cultures to draw on for fantasy stuff), the list of skills are cool as hell (who couldn't like engineering and electronics skills and all that), the background story and whatever-that-kinda-stuff-is is kickass.

But the action in the game is just like, pfft.

And if you get killed the punishment is that you gotta do some more pfft.

Its exactly what I hated about Shadowbane, I mean, I love fighting and chasing folks down and getting chased around, I just hated getting sent to the goddam PvE mines to pay for it all ahaha.

Especially since the PvE is shit in these games, y'know?

I mean, its so horrible that I actually feel bad for making other people do it for me ahaha.

Anyways that's it for that, I know there's something wrong with a game if I'd rather go and sit on the couch and groan at all the stupid crap in Waterworld than "play" it heh.

Yah, I dunno what the hell to do as far as that goes, I'm just not into more lame copies of EQ and WoW and stuff, or playing anything worse and less clever and less interesting and less entertaining than that, but that seems to be all there is out there right now.

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