Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Witty Title Number Blah Blah Blah

He couldn't handle compliments.

That was the first thing anybody ever told me about him.

That he wasn't any good with compliments.

I was saying something like, "hey wtf! why does this guy hate me so much?"

And then some good-hearted person felt bad for me and they said "oh don't worry, he's always like that, he just doesn't know how to handle compliments."

So then I said something like "so what are we supposed to do if we like something he did? Call him an asshole?"

And then I laughed at my own joke 'cause I always laugh at my own jokes even if its a really shitty old joke I mean hell man I ain't never been picky ahaha.

And then he saw me laughing and he laughed too.

Later on I saw other new people going through the same thing as me.

They'd say "hey wtf! why does this guy hate me so much?"

And then I'd get to say "oh don't worry, he's always like that, he doesn't know how to handle compliments."

And then some of 'em even did the "wtf should I call 'em an asshole?" joke.

And some of 'em even laughed at their own shit afterwards.

And then he'd laugh too.

And then I'd laugh 'cause there's some weird kinda multidimensional humor to the way the pattern keeps repeating, y'know?

Its not exactly ironic, and its not deja vu, I dunno wtf it is, but its funny.

I mean, at first you're all like, "ah, he ain't gonna laugh this time, 'cause he's heard this one before."

But that's what makes it funny to him, y'know?

That he keeps hearing this same joke over and over again.

That's why he laughs.

And that's why I laugh, 'cause he was laughing at how he keeps hearing the same joke over and over again, and that's funny.

It never occurs to anybody else to laugh because I always laugh 'cause he was laughing at how he keeps hearing the same joke over and over again, 'cause that's just way too complicated and multidimensional for humans and stuff.

Plus you need an extra guy for that.

And nobody laughs because its funny that it don't matter how funny the original asshole joke was, nobody is that smart.

But it is kinda funny to explain all this stuff to you heh.

Well, whatever, I'm easy.

Yah, nobody is ever gonna tell you "oh don't worry, he's always like that, he doesn't know how to handle compliments" about me.

'Cause we ain't all like that guy that wasn't any good with compliments, I'm totally fine with compliments, if you think I hate yer shit, then I probably do totally hate your shit, and for a good reason, too heh.

That would actually make it even funnier if you asked, "hey wtf! why do he hate me so much?" and then somebody lied and said that I wasn't good at handling compliments, even though I actually was pretty good at handling compliments and I really did hate your ass just fine ahaha.

But nobody on top of nobody is that good man, so don't worry AHAHA.

Anyways what I meant to say was thank you.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Even though I been mostly laughing at my own jokes the whole time.

Well, I prolly woulda never thought of the jokes that made me laugh if it wasn't for you.

Just kidding, I prolly woulda thought of all those jokes whether you were there or not.

Actually I always kinda hated you for no good reason, even when you were giving me compliments.

Hmm, maybe I actually ain't any good with compliments.

That would certainly explain a few things.


Dirk said...

gudammit oba
wtf man

i cant even spall fudk anymore
fukcin dunddee

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...


Things don't really get better with time, the holes don't ever heal, you just sorta keep growing AROUND all the wounds, you just keep getting bigger and bigger and uglier and uglier, and eventually it makes the wounds SEEM a little smaller.

But the holes ain't really getting any smaller, you can tell that they ain't getting any smaller every time you really stare into 'em.

That's why sometimes you need somebody to just smack you on the back and laugh with you at how scared you just got, to distract you away from the holes and to keep you from falling into 'em.

I ain't nothing but appreciative and thankful for all the stuff he ever chose to share with me, and he didn't never do anything but share the good stuff with me, and he did more than his fair share, he spent more energy than anybody I ever met trying to make me laugh and trying to make me smarter and more thoughtful.

I feel lucky to have known him.

And I am far from the only guy he ever did anything for.

But we got guard duty to do, y'know.

And I might crack more than my fair share of jokes to break the tension around here and whatever but guard duty comes first.

Can't get stuck standing around here staring into the abyss all day.

If I ever wake up in the distant future after being quantum mechanically reconstructed and some big headed aliens with a Time Machine ask me what they oughta try to fix first, this'll be the first stop on my long list of things.

'Cause I can't think of anything that'd make all the other shitty jobs on the list easier for me.

Can't give a man that ain't related to me a better compliment than that, he's top of my list of fuckups to fix.

Bonedead said...

I love you Mr. Angus


Jeffool said...

I was going to email, but realized I didn't have your email. I've been on vacation for a week and just saw. I don't even know man...

I don't even know.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

This isn't the first time anybody close to me left me behind, ain't even close to the first time (the first post on this version of my blog thingie is about the SECOND Old Guy Bob that I knew in real life who died on me).

Australia (if any of you guys are old enough to remember him from the Train Crew) is another one that I didn't even say anything about.

And those aren't the only ones.

So I'm alright, prolly better than you guys are right now, you can only be shocked so many times before you start to turn into rock.

Little more than worried about Winst, and I feel sorry for everybody else who is feeling all wobbly and sick and angry and sad and whatever else you're all feeling right now, but you guys don't gotta worry about me, I got my nephews and my niece and my family and all my old friends and everything else to focus on and cheer me up and keep me powered up when things start to suck.

Sundry Chicken said...

As you say, a hole is a hole.

No falling in.

W.Churchill said...

shit. I've been tryn to get a hold of Dundee for the past year. We use to hang out a couple of nights a week over the years and just found out tonight about his death. First I got sick, cried then decided to start drinking. very drunk atm.

I remember meeting him for the first time. Seemed like a really friendly kind of guy. Later that night we started talking about video games. He asked if I'd heard of the Star Wars MMO that was under development, I said yeah and he handed me his business card.

Ever since then we'd end up seeing each other a few times a week, talk about everything but mostly online rpg's and the direction they were going.

This guy was brilliant and his humor was unique to say the least. Cant think of too many night I dnd t end up leaving the Water Tank with a sore stomach from laughing so hard.

He has always been kind of reclusive from time to time so this past year without hearing from him didnt seem unusual. There had been times I hadn't seem him for a month or two. Then I learn about this tonight.

All I can say is I feel honored to have known him and to some degree, always will. I hope that somehow I can pay tribute to him through my work and an inspiring game developer and 3d modeler. My talks with Dundee are what lead to my changing my major in college.

I could never come close to his level of thinking but I hope that somehow I can repay him for his inspiring me to achieve my goal.